Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Longboarding and Rugby

I logged more board time today...so that's 4 excursions in one day!

#9) I realize in the middle of doing laundry that short room mate has not replenished the laundry detergent.  I use this as an opportunity to skateboard over to the store.  I took the long board inside with me, got some ready-to-eat mongolian beef noodles and lavender detergent and then skated back to the apartment.  Felt really comfortable and confident though.  I think that maybe Stetson makes it much more difficult.

#10) The longboard hung out in the truck with the second most interesting man in the world's other long board and my pink bike, Tori.  Whom we picked up this evening from my previous residence.  The second most interesting man in the world is going to repaid Tori in preparation for "Skate the Coast" with "Boarding for Breast Cancer".

#11) while observing rugby practice which of course the second most interest man in the world coaches, I rode around the parking lot and the sidewalks of the park.  Then at the last minute I found this tiny race track for RC car racing and it was beautifully smooth and made me practice turning.  I need this.  I can only turn gradually so having the option of turning really tight or running into a wall was a great way to force some learning.  exciting thing:  two of the ruggers can also skateboard and one even had a longboard IN HER TRUNK which was awesome so we all tried it for a while.  very fun.  felt really good about it. then had sushi.

#12) after the second most interesting man in the world dropped me off at home I realized that I desperately needed some Ben and Jerry's.  I've been involved with Ben and Jerry for some time now.  And what better way to get there than LONGBOARDING?!  So I skated myself over there got ice cream and skated back.  Also, met two men who were interested in the board (again, it's unusually long).  One of them said that his dog pulls him around, too, and that last week they had a major crash.  They offered me some chocolate, which I would never refuse, and we talked a little more.  did I mention he was in a wheelchair? longboarding to the store makes me feel free.

I JUST REALIZED that I've left out a huge detail.  The explanation as to WHY I am learning how to skateboard:  The second most interesting man in the world told me about this even, Skate the Coast, which raises money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.  And I thought this was seriously very cool and probably said something like, "I want to do that!" which meant, "I'm agreeing that your actions are awesome."  However, it planted a little seed in my brain and pretty soon I'm stoked on wanting to learn to long board.

More on that later.

Currently I am exhausted from all of the day's longboarding.  Tomorrow...more.  right now...sleep.  and proper care of my wounds.

latah. (I'm also learning skateboarding lingo.)