Tuesday, November 1, 2011

23 times on a Longboard

OH NO!  Stetson has to go to the doctor. L Puppy has been having seizures more frequently and more violently.  So I drop him off in the morning before work.  And DUH we skate over there!  He was stoked.  He was stoked until we got to the vet’s door.  Then he was all panting and sad.  Then I had to leave him there and he was scared.  Sad day for me and Stetson. Except we got to longboard!

Short room mates boyfriend was stuck because the car next to him parked too close and he couldn’t get into his truck.  The parking at our apartment complex really EFFING SUCKS by the way.  And short room mate was naked under her robe when we found out so I was all “I’LL GO!” and I longboarded myself down there, slipped my skinny self into his door, and then had to skate all over the Fresh and Easy parking lot. (Fresh and Easy, just like me.)  it was fun and then tall room mate and her boyfriend got home and I was all worked up about skateboarding again.  I am absolutely intolerable when I am obsessed with something.  Sorry everyone.

After my jazz class I get home and realize that I DO NOT want to waste this beautiful SoCal afternoon on the couch.  I also realize I want to get better at going down hills.  When I say get better I mean “not be scared shitless”.  There is a neighborhood nearby why imaginative friend grew up and I knew there were some hills there which led to the longboard being loaded up in my tiny car (looks like a roller skate) and heading to said hills. 

  I got a little ballsier!!  It was so much fun!  I went fast and kinda carved and had a close encounter with a truck and an old man stood and stared at me for at LEAST 23 minutes and I enjoyed myself. The only bad part was realizing that the hypothetical hangout out with our new friend V and D from Great Britain was not going to happen. Mwah mwah.

Imaginative Friend's house

I spent the afternoon watching longboarding videos and researching boards.  I want something in the 40 length with medium flex, a great turning radius for carving, and semi sticky wheels cause I want to learn how to skid sideways to slow down.  Yeah.  I would also like the wheels to be pink.  I need a combo of cruiser and tame downhilling.  I should probably get a helmet.  Which all led to me needing to get out and SKATE so I brought the laptop over to this café where the wi-fi doesn’t work. 

The second most interesting man in the world is currently coaching women’s rugby and I think we’re going to hang out although it probably won’t be longboarding.

Thing #1: When we were skating in Hermosa I realized how cool it is that we as a couple can skate together.  It makes us extra awesome.  But it also gives us fun stuff to do together.

Things #2: There is a WHOLE WORLD of skateboarding that I know nothing about.  And I have arrived steadfastly at the conclusion that I am not bad ass. No matter how much I want it. (Damn.)

Thing #3: Now everywhere I go is a potential longboarding playground.

Skate the Coast, Boarding for Breast Cancer

SKATE THE COAST!! Boarding for Breast Cancer!! Longest practice day eeevvveerrrrr.

I did almost 18 miles on a Tahoe Longboards 162 cm longboard!  "Almost" because we also rode my pink bike, Tori, part of the way.  Which bruised my ass bones but made it much easier to finish the event.  The second most interesting man in the world and I would pull each other on the bike some times…so nice.  Cheating.  But nice.

I am SO glad I did it.  I really have no memory of actually deciding I was going to do it though. (PS John Mayer needs to stop covering songs from the 80’s that I love. I’m in a café.) I somehow just ended up doing it. Hm.

I didn’t fall.  I did cause a minor mishap for other people.  I did get catapulted down the boardwalk by more experienced riders.  I did meet awesome new friends from England and Scotland.  I did meet some of the second most interesting man in the world’s friends.  I did get photographed incessantly by him…it was like being followed by the paparazzi.  I could totally handle being famous BTW based on that experience.

At the end I was all tired and felt weird.  And when I feel like that I tend to cry which is REALLY embarrassing.  And the second most interesting man in the world was worried about me and the medic people talked to me and I was embarrassed.  I was all sweaty but I was FREEZING. So cold that I needed to wear flannels.  Mine on me and his on my legs.  Yeah.  And I felt nauseous.  So I cried a teeny bit and he took me over to a quiet spot on some grass.  No worries, I recovered and ate another taco.  Thank you Wahoos.  The second most interesting man in the world took care of me and that’s why I call him my sweetie.  This is one of the LEAST bad ass moments of my entire life.  I really am just a squishy little girl on a long board.

So the next day we go skateboarding.  In Hermosa and it was SO much fun to just go through the alleys and along the boardwalk.  And I may or may not have gone in the ocean in my skivvies.  (Hint: I did. Welcome to Charlotteville.)

On our way back to Ventura County we went skateboarding some more. ADDICT ALERT.  And we picked out more beach homes that we like.  We’re going to live at the beach part of the year.  And in the mountains part of the year.  And in SCOTLAND part of the year.  Good thing I have family there to visit.  He’s going to crash classes at University of Edinburgh and I’m going to ceilidhs, and we’ll hang out with our new friends V and D from Skate the Coast.  Maybe we can all go longboard those crazy roads around Yorkshire.