Saturday, October 22, 2011

Got Pink Shoes.

#14  I did not skateboard at all the other day.  but this weekend I went to the second most interesting man in the world's house and we had a skateboarding lesson.  I am afraid of the hills because of the speed.  because the speed makes me feel like I'm going to lose control and hit my face on the street.  which equals ow.  so HE says "make wide turns to slow yourself down".  and we practiced carving so I can slow down.  obstacle #1: leaning hard on the edge of the board in order to turn and NOT falling off. obstacle #2: not being afraid and just EFFING COMMITTING to the turn. yeah. he's all "you would have made that turn!" and I'm all "I'M A SCAREDY LITTLE GIRL". sigh. so not bad ass.  slight frustration but, like, whatevs.

Went out to try to find appropriate skateboarding shoes...ended up buying ice cream.  we also did a mini scavenger hunt that involved oak leaves and a mercedes. (do other adult couples do this stuff. NO.  we win.)

#15 the second most interesting man in the wold and I have decided that we are going to raise money for the event Skate the Coast with Boarding for Breast Cancer.  we fought with the websites for a while which made us mad.  which ended with us saying "fff that let's go skateboard!" and we did.

then there's a whole part that I'm going to skip because there was some miscommunication between the second most interesting man in the world and myself.  miscommunication can be loosely translated as "Charlotte is a wimp and the second most interesting man in the world really likes her and is SUUUPER nervous that she's going to smash her head on the sidewalk."  It all ended with the second most interesting man in the world being extra sweet to me and us agreeing that we are still friends.
Back to the longboarding: I went faster than I have gone before AND made big turns to slow myself down. we went on a part of wildwood that was a gradual incline and so I got to go only kind of fast and make sweeping turns to get the feel down.  this does not redeem me from the previous loss of badassness.  eff.

did get some pretty frickin' sweet shoes to skate in.  it's for breast cancer. clearly they must be pink.

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