Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I BARELY longboarded last week.  It was redonk.   but I thought about it a lot.

I went to class (just know that everytime I saw "class" I mean a dance class.  either ballet or jazz.) and my hips were all "no thank you" after skate the coast. plus I was suuuper tired.  I listened to my hips and sat down for the second hour.

while I was walking to my car to GO to class I realized how much walking anywhere TOTALLY FREAKING BLOWS now.  "I could be longboarding this. Psh. walking is so lame." that's what I think everytime I walk now.  Like, even when I'm in my super cute work outfits with my heels on.

I think i have mentioned that I an the opposite of people who skateboard.  I am a classically trained ballet dancer, I work in the wedding industry, and I did not play any sports because I was always in choir and theatre.  The only two even slightly bad ass things I've ever done are run on a cross country team and snowboard.  So I feel unique...quirky...that I am choosing to do this.  I just LOVE being different.

There was one morning where I was going to go out longboarding with Stetson...we did this instead:

 it was really good.

#24 you know how saved me from a week full of not longboarding?!?  one of the awesome girls I work with and her sister!  and the second most interesting man in the world agreed to join us! and this is the only good picture I have to show for all of our awesomeness. we found a dying monarch butterfly...it was sad.  I hope it wasn't scared or hurting.

We longboarded to In-N-Out and back.  If you have never been to In-N-Out it's because you are unCalifornian.  at In-N-Out we decided that instead of just going in and going up to the counter when they called our number I ("I" was unanimously voted to be the one to do this) would go in and yell BINGO!! I WON!!!

so I did.

AND NO ONE EFFING REACTED!! we took video and everything...no reaction. beetches.

then we loitered.  I've never really loitered before.  I would have been like "What? that's lame" not now...we skated through the Denny's parking lot, through a street off Ventura Blvd and ALSO at an old school that had DELICIOUSLY smooth pavement.  So nice.  We had SUCH a good time!  And the second most interesting man in the world coached us a little bit about how to carve down hills to slow ourselves.  scaaarryyyyy.  but all lived!  OH GOSH!  there as a fatality.  I lost the ring I've been wearing since 2007. Mwah mwah.  Sad day.
Pretty much my favorite boarding sesh so far.

fast forward to saturday night and a bachelorette party during which I consumed 2 long island iced teas, a vodka collins, a gummy bear shot, a tom collins, and half another tom collins.

GREAT idea.

I puked on the way home while almost falling out of the car. and the next day I puked all over town and this is not an exaggeration. twice at my friend's, starbucks parking lot, my apartment parking lot. I'm the cool kid. I'm 29.  I should know how to AVOID this.  I felt like shit.  I have NEVER been that hung over.  uuuuuggghhhhh.

The next day the second most interesting man in the world came over to help me feel better and this translates to eating really nasty fabulously greasy burgers with onion rings and cheese from Carl's Jr.  I felt SO MUCH BETTER after...

But I did notice my balance was a liiiiitle off.

So then MONDAY I walk the dog.  Very boring.  But he gets not so good of a walk when we skateboard and also he's getting ballsy so he wants to pull really fast.  Which I'm sure will equal less skin somewhere on my body.  So we WALKED.  Which again, sucks.

Big field...tiny Stetson

Also, while I was at work I WALKED across the street to the health food store for lunch and had two thoughts 1) Why didn't I bring the longboard?!!?  2) THAT IS A REALLY FAT SHIBA INU!  So, like Stetson except no color and add 15 lbs.

This has nothing to do with longboarding: these are the flowers the second most interesting man the world got for me because we've liked each other for quite some time now :)  He is is all kinds of wonderful.